Reccomendation – The Cobweb by Raymond Carver

The Cobweb

A few minutes ago, I stepped onto the deck
of the house. From there I could see and hear the water,
and everything that’s happened to me all these years.
It was hot and still. The tide was out.
No birds sang. As I leaned against the railing
a cobweb touched my forehead.
It caught in my hair. No one can blame me that I turned
and went inside. There was no wind. The sea
was dead calm. I hung the cobweb from the lampshade.
Where I watch it shudder now and then when my breath
touches it. A fine thread. Intricate.
Before long, before anyone realizes,
I’ll be gone from here.

This has been one of the most rewarding poems to read again and again. I notice more connotations and implications of small details every time I go through it. There really is not a lot of bulk there, but for such a short poem he is able to bring quite a lot across. The terse four and five word sentences are distant almost to the point of abstraction or complete dissasociation – it really paints a bleak picture. Hope you enjoy it…

One Response to “Reccomendation – The Cobweb by Raymond Carver”

  1. awcoulter says:

    i liked the imagery of the hot and still shore, it was very atmospheric and almost took me a to a place. i also imagery of seeing your life from the deck of a house as well as the water.