Virginia M. Heatter


This is the sky where it meets
the water’s surface.

This is the wet ridge of it,
the line between life and drowning.

This is the glow of embers rising
against the rigors of evergreen.

This is a ring of large stones,
and in the nostrils, cedar burning.

This is the sound, still throbbing
in the ear canal, of translucence

passing through narrow tubes.
This is the salt of confluence,

and the sweet of imperfection.
This is melody, harmony, silence.

And this —

is the dead space, the rift
behind the gums, that hollow.

I like this.

Couplets are neat.

The “this is” thing is kind of overdone (i’ve done it myself), but it works I think.

“the rift behind the gums” is a great line. Also, the whole thing has nice sound.

One Response to “Virginia M. Heatter”

  1. awcoulter says:

    i also think the repetition of “This is” works in this poem. i especially like when the pattern is broken by the turn to “And this–“. i’m also a fan of unconventional metaphors, and i’d say that comparing a dead body to forrest/lake setting is pretty unconventional.