A short short poem

I wrote this poem over summer and i’d love to hear some feedback on it.

yes, it’s a true story:

clean out yr car

In my trunk, I have a shoe.
One shoe–I lost its brother
moving I think, but I keep it
in case I find the other.

2 Responses to “A short short poem”

  1. lizgerber says:

    In saying you “lost its brother / moving I think” I am pretty sure that you mean it got lost when you yourself moved into a new house/apartment/location. But I also remember when my friend drove over a bridge with his family, and his foot was out the window for some reason, and he lost his shoe to the water below their moving car. So for when they got to their vacation destination, he only had one shoe. It just reminded me that you can lose something both actively and unintentionally. I like the idea in your poem that you’re holding onto one part of something you know that will never be complete again. Alot of things kept in cars, at least for me, have silly sentimental value, and are both always sitting there and always moving with me.

  2. sesherm says:

    hahaha I loved it:)

    I really liked because despite its length and simplicity, I get a great visual, probably because I have a ton of crap in my car too (like shoes…I actually found my cowboy boots under my front seat the other day). One of the things I think makes poems successful is its ability to make readers relate, and this poem definitely has that quality.