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How Long Do You Think the Human Race Will Exist?

I don’t worry much about humanity,
my wife replies. I think that we’ll evolve.
Ecclesiastes tells me all is vanity,

that nothing new will happen for eternity,
and yet. . .I think we’re starting to dissolve.
I don’t worry—much. About humanity:

what will be lost, if we’re lost? Not infinity.
What now revolves around us will revolve.
Ecclesiastes tells me all is vanity:

one person saves a mint, one saves a manatee,
ho-hum go on—do something, get involved,
don’t worry much about humanity,

decide upon some charity, a sanity.
But there are sweet things: sex, worship, resolve. . .
Ecclesiastes tells me all is vanity.

Science predicts that bees or giant ants will be
Earth’s next bigwigs. No egos, none to solve
for “I.” Don’t worry much about humanity,
Ecclesiastes tells me. All is vanity.

While I liked the poem’s subject, I don’t much like the line repetition (not much a Dylan Thomas fan for that reason either). I think that so much more can be said with new lines and that the reptition may have some point in structure it has never done much for me.

2 Responses to “From VerseDaily”

  1. sesherm says:

    hmmm you don’t like thomas? he’s one of my favorites. I really like the sound in this poem, the “ity” endings, it really relates a tone of almost callousness. did you know he’s the guy bob dylan got his name from?? hes really bob zimmerman or something.

  2. Rick says:

    Yeah, I am not a Bob Dylan fan either. 🙂