Adhesive Force (TT quote)

pg. 45:

“Connections are not stated, yet we know the three statements are connected. The are connected because the same poet wrote all three. That is, they are products of one vision that, along with style, becomes the adhesive force. This adhesive force will be your way of writing. Assume the next thing belongs because you put it there. The real reason may be clearer later.”

i think this is a very important thing to remember when reading and writing poetry. in putting together the various lines that make up a poem, it is to be assumed that the poet has an overarching idea that holds together all the lines and all the ideas; what Hugo calls the “adhesive force”. in reading a poem, we assume that all statements are related, and that by understanding their relation, we can understand the meaning/significance of the poem. it is important to remember that most readers will carry this assumption into reading the poem, thus we must make sure we have a unifying force running throughout our poem. obviously, we should have some kind of idea of the poem’s subject and theme, but i think it is also important to have consistent tone so that different elements don’t seem out of place and confuse the reader in his or her attempts to unlock the meaning of the piece.

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