The Triggering Town

From the first page of chapter 3, Assumptions.

“…assumptions are necessary elements in a successful base of writing operations. It is important that a poet not question his or her assumptions, at least not in the middle of composition. Finish the poem first, then worry, if you have to, about being right or sane.”

Hugo uses this chapter to show us just how vast our subject matter can be, and thusly how important it is that we pay attention to the subject. The list of assumptions that he “always assumes at least one of” is filled with pairs of opposites or examples that are inverted forms of each other. I found this part of the book very refreshing, almost a relief once I saw how Hugo really viewed the possibilities of form.

One Response to “The Triggering Town”

  1. Rick says:

    I agree with this quote as well. Its as if he is saying that you just need to write what you know sometimes and not try to correct it as you write. The flow of thought is most important.