Triggering Town quote

“I would never try to locate a serious poem in a place where physical evidence suggests that the people there find it relatively easy to accept themselves…” (6)

I think this is a rather bold statement, which can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the process of writing poetry. Both poems and towns undergo many alterations to try to reach a higher level of perfection. But there will always be a critic, after the fact, that suggests a better way of doing it. If there weren’t any critics, who would care?  

One Response to “Triggering Town quote”

  1. sesherm says:

    I agree, and this actually is on the same topic as the quote I posted from TT. I think asking the question of “who would care?” is important in poetry, even though sometimes it seems like the answer is “well, me. thats who.” which kind of goes back to words working in the poem vs. whats in reality.