Quote from Triggering Town

“The poem is always in your hometown, but you have a better chance of finding it in another. The reason for that, I believe, is that the stable set of knowns that the poem needs to anchor on is less stable at home than in the town you’ve just seen for the first time” (12).

I have to disagree with Hugo here. To me, my hometown always has a sort of whimsical, nostalgic feeling which I am interested in writing about. This isonly amplified by the fact that I know that “the movie house wasn’t there, or that the grocer is a newcomer…”(12).

One Response to “Quote from Triggering Town”

  1. Bowman says:

    I’ve got to agree with you here. I have a hard time writing about topics that I can’t, atleast in some way, base in reality. In this way I think it’s better to have an intimate knowledge of a location, or more broadly a topic.